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at Monte Bay Retreat
14-20th May 2018

WellCODE in collaboration with Monte Bay Retreat is offering a scientific wellness programme to optimise your energy, wellbeing and longevity. The six -day all inclusive retreat is a unique opportunity to discover your current health status, internal and external factors that may affect your future health trajectories and to experience the best nutrition and fitness regime tailored individually to you.

Combining latest health and wellness tests results with your other biological data and wellness goals allows us to take wellness to another level, YOUR level.

WE use the most advanced DNA, GlyHealth and Microbiome testing to discover and analyse how your body works and create a bespoke solution to age-proof your life.

What would happen before the retreat?

  • Prior the retreat you will undergo GlyHealth index, a ground-breaking test developed by Oxford scientists. It will give our HCPs an accurate insight in your current molecular state and help to design an ideal lifestyle intervention programme during the retreat
  • You will also undergo extensive online health questionnaire assessment
  • You will be encouraged to undertake all optional tests such as DNA, Microbiome and Blood tests before the retreat in order to further tailor your programme to your body

What would happen during the retreat?

  • For six days you will experience the benefits of following a nutritional and fitness programme that is tailored to you
  • You will acquire invaluable knowledge about what works best for your body and learn how to implement these strategies in real life
  • Based on the test results and your health and wellness goals, the programme can be focused on weight loss, digestion, hormonal balance, reproductive health, health ageing, inflammation, stress and abundant energy helping you manage particular health concerns and genetic health conditions/risks.


Shared option:          GBP 2,150 per person

Single occupancy:    GBP 3,300 per person

  • Six-night accommodation in Luxury Monte bay Retreat in Montenegro
  • Transfer from the airport to the retreat if you choose to fly with our recommended flights
  • GlyHealth test: measure molecular signals coming from your glycan proteome and give you a science-based score of your molecular health.
  • Delicious personalised meals and snacks prepared by our wellness natural chef
  • Supplement selected to address specific gene-based requirements.
  • Two one-to-one consultations with our genetics-specialised Nutritionist
  • Two one-to-one fitness assessments and consultations with qualified trainer.
  • Daily group yoga and fitness sessions.
  • Educational talks and seminars about health and wellness
  • Food demos

Options for Additional Fee

  • Extensive DNA tests: 330 traits about nutrition, fitness, health, ancestry and personal traits.
  • Blood tests. Price ranges from £159 to £499
  • Microbiome tests from £135
  • Intravenous Vitamin/Antioxidants cocktails injection from £80
  • Three days HRV Stress Assessment with First Beat from £110
  • Follow up consultation via Skype/phone £75 per hour or in Harley street clinic £150 per hour

07:00 Wake up with our specially formulated detox drink

07:30 Group meditation and yoga

08:30 Breakfast with personalised supplements

09:30 Local hiking and kayaking

13:00 Lunch and free time at the swimming pool

14:00 Individual Nutrition or Fitness consultations, SPA  massages

15:30 Group training options based on your profiles boot camp/resistance training

16:30 Snacks

17:00 Nutrigenomics workshop

18:00 Individual wellness activity such as PT or yoga

19:30 Dinner and social activities

All meals are prepared using local, organically grown produce. All meals are suited to sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free requirements and can be adapted to ketogenic, vegan, paleo or FODMAP’s diets. Each meal will be individualised to each individual’s genetic profile and wellness goal.

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Aqua rehab, mountain bike, group circuit, yoga and resistance training, hiking and kayaking

Jacuzzi, Sauna, Sunbath, meditation, mindfulness

WellCODE Life Is a scientific wellness company which provides bespoke nutrition, fitness and stress management recommendations tailored specifically to client’s unique constitution and profile. Our Approach is based on the principals of functional and precision medicine. We take an ‘investigation’ Into a person’s physiological, biochemical and genetic make-up to identify any imbalance that may contribute to the symptoms or a specific health condition. We Integrate individual health data/information from biochemical and functional testing, real-time monitoring factors (fitness trackers), molecular (multi-omics Including glycans and genetics), and exogenous factors (environmental, behavioural, socio-economic, lifestyle) to understand biological basis of disease and wellbeing! Our aim is to correct an imbalance with specific micro-and macronutrients, phytochemicals, dietary compounds or therapeutic and functional foods. We use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential health and wellness imbalances in order to understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. This approach allows us to probe the deepest mysteries affecting individual health and well-being and work with clients to address imbalance and help support the body towards maintaining optimal health long-term.

Genetic information is stored in form of a chemical molecule, DNA. A gene is a section of DNA that contains the instructions for how, when and where the body makes each of the many thousands of proteins required for life. Genetically we are almost identical, but there still some differences in our DNA, which makes us unique. The most common type of this variation is Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) – a single base change at a particular position. These variations can determine the way we respond to environmental factors such as training and nutrition.

Variations have a profound effect on Nutritional requirements, trainability, metabolic efficiencies and individuals’ ability to lose weight and maintain longevity. Knowing the secrets of genetic data gives invaluable insights about response to different dietary components and various types of exercise. We use information from DNA test combined with glycan test to have a better overview of your current health and to design the most suitable health prevention programme.

Glycosylation is one of the most important modifications of proteins, greatly contributing to their diversity. It is critical for wide range of biological processes, as it regulates the interaction of the molecules, and cells they are attached to, with surrounding environment. The patterns of the glycans are a result of a dynamic interaction between genetic and environmental factors and they can give an overview of an individual’s health status. While DNA indicates the likeliness of possible health issues, GlyHealth gives you a science based insight in your molecular health trajectory. Your GlyHealth Score might show an average score but it can be improved by exercise, nutrition and lifestyle factors.

The GlyHealth Index is like the speedometer as you drive your “Body-car” on your Motorway of Life. When GHI is low (in Red, Orange or low Yellow) you know there is something’s up either with your driving (i.e. your Lifestyle), the road (i.e. your Environment), your car (i.e. your Body) or any combination of these. Knowing something’s up means you may be able to correct the fault and, potentially, avert a serious “accident“(I.e. chronic disease or health problem). We will help you to reveal what retracts your health and build new sustainable lifestyle habits which will improve your results.

A healthy and balanced gut microbiota helps the body to digest certain foods that the stomach and small intestine have not been able to digest and it helps with the production of some vitamins (B and K). It also helps us to fight with other noxious microorganisms and maintain the wholeness of immune system and digestive tract. Moreover it plays an important role in the immune system, performing a barrier effect.

By analysing your microbiome our Health Care Professional can identify how healthy your microbiota composition is and can create the most personalised dietary intervention which can improve your results. Microbiota with the right composition can help you to have more energy, improve your immune system and help you to prevent chronic diseases in longer term.


Flexible & Professional
  • Nina

    Nina has 10 years experience in the financial services industry and a life-long passion for nutrition, fitness, and wellness.

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    WellCODE Life Founder
  • Divan Kombrink

    Divan Kombrink specializes in injury rehabilitation and postural corrective training.

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    Head of Fitness
  • Olga Hamilton

    Olga Hamilton passionately believes in the power of nutrition.

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    Head Nutritionist
  • Danica Potkonjak

    Danica Potkonjak is a dedicated Yoga teacher, a certified Life Coach with a degree in Psychology and a passion.

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    Yoga and Meditation Teacher
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