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WellCODE Life Founder

Nina has 10 years experience in the financial services industry and a life-long passion for nutrition, fitness, and wellness. Dedicated to her busy professional life she noticed her own health was suffering due to lack of time to exercise and consume nutritious food. By trying a myriad of fad diets and fitness routines and wasting lots of time and efforts she eventually realised that there is no “off the shelf solution”  achieve your optimum health one has to understand his/her own individual biology and genetic composition.

Inspired by the idea to equip busy professionals with the skills and information necessary to make informed science-based modifications to their diet and lifestyle, Nina founded Wellcode Life. At the core of our approach is personalisation of nutritional and exercise requirements based on individual’s unique physiology, omics testing, informatic technology and evidence based scientific research.  Nina has also been involved in establishment of several biotechnology start-ups in London and Oxford and is currently consulting and partnering with Ludger Ltd for its Precision Medicine projects.

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